Hungry Jack's is a big supporter of Australian suppliers.

We buy a lot of our food locally and always look for suppliers in our own backyard first. We're an Australian-owned and operated business and supporting Aussie suppliers is important to us. Local farmers also produce some of the freshest and best quality ingredients around.

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Head inside our restaurants and you'll notice some new environmental initiatives, with our move from boxes to wraps delivering a major environmental benefit.

We're in the midst of swapping from boxes to wraps. The environmental benefit is huge – in one year alone we estimate a saving of 15,541 trees.

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Hungry Jack's is a major Australian employer. We're proud to give so many young Australians a leg up by employing them in their first ever jobs.

We employ 16,500 people in our 380 plus restaurants across all corners of the country. That equates to total annual wages of $220 million – a substantial contribution to the economies in neighbourhoods small and large, metropolitan and regional.

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Hungry Jack's restaurants are located in more than 380 neighbourhoods right across Australia. In every location we aim to support and strengthen local communities.

Much of our good work goes unnoticed. From supporting emergency rescue operations to acting as a safe house for women suffering domestic violence, our restaurants are strong supporters of the communities in which they operate.

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